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Is Back Pain Cramping Your Style?

πŸ”˜Does your lower back ache after doing activities you love like golf, running, biking, weight training or other sports? 
πŸ”˜ Does your back feel stiff or sore after sitting or standing for too long? 
πŸ”˜Is back pain holding you back from doing things you want to do?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions,

I have the solution....


The Ultimate Pain-Free Back Program



βœ… You need ongoing chiropractic and massage treatments because the relief is only temporary.
βœ… You are considering surgery with no guarantee it will work.
βœ… You are trying random exercises and stretches, but neither are giving you long-term relief.
βœ… You were injured from a sport or workout years ago and the pain has been recurring ever since.
βœ… You have had poor posture for years or have been sedentary for too long.   
βœ… You feel older, stiffer and crankier from dealing with chronic back pain.
βœ… You have given in to the belief that you have a weak lower back. 
βœ… You're doing a lot of sit ups and crunches, trying to make you core stronger.  But did you know sit ups and crunches can be making your back pain worse?

What is the Ultimate Pain-Free Back Program?

This is a life-changing, pain reducing program that includes  easy to follow exercises routines and anti-inflammatory eating plan. 


Step by Step, Easy to Follow Exercises

Each exercise and stretch in the program is proven to strengthen the muscles that support the spine from the front, back, sides and even from below. 

Your back will start feeling better by the time you finish the very first workout!

By strengthening and stretching your gluteal (butt) muscles, abdominals, obliques, hips and the entire musculature of the spine, you will move with more ease, improve posture, reduce fatigue and notice all those areas get firmer too!

The sequence of the exercises is methodical and designed to deliver fast results in minimal time.

All of the exercises are safe and easy to learn no matter what your current fitness level is. 

Each exercise has a detailed video tutorial to ensure you learn perfect form plus written instructions.



Meal Plan

An Anti-Inflammatory diet can be a big help in mitigating back pain.  Inflammation can make arthritic conditions worse.  For many people with persistent back pain, arthritis in the vertebrae (the joints of the spine) is the culprit.  A diet high in processed foods, fast foods, too many Omega-6 oils and sugars can increase inflammation in the joints.

The Mediterranean diet has long been known to have anti-inflammatory properties.  Plus, it can help you lose weight.

Carrying extra weight around the middle is actually a symptom of inflammation.  This excess weight also puts more stress on the spine.  You might be surprised at how much faster your pain subsides when you adopt an anti-inflammatory diet in addition to your exercise routine.  It's like a 1-2 punch! 

An easy to follow meal plan comes to you as part of the program.


Elegant and Simple Program Layout

Your program will come directly to you via a state of the art app.  You can access it on your smartphone or device.

No tech savviness needed!  Just log in and violá, everything you need is right at your fingertips.  

The exercises are all laid out in order with simple instructions of how many of each to do or how long to do it for.  Plus the video demonstrations are right there too! 

No internet connection?  You can also print out the workouts and take them with you.

There's no rush either.  Take each phase at your own pace.  Do the workouts whenever it's convenient for you.

You get all this for less than the price of one private training session or massage / therapy treatment!

Regular Price:  $199

Special Flash Sale Price right now for the first 100 people to sign up here!:  just $99

Don't wait, the flash sale price won't  last!

This program is the result of 17 years of research and discussions with some of the country's leading back experts, physical therapists and surgeons.  It has helped dozens of my clients and thousands of my followers live happier, healthier more functional lives. 

These simple back pain relieving stretches and exercises are laid out in a specific sequence that will bring you fast relief and will continue to improve your back strength and comfort.  These are the types of exercises and stretches you might get at a physical therapist's office, now you can do them in the convenience of your home.  


What you get:
πŸ‘‰ 4 exercise routines no fancy equipment needed.  The program comes with a longer and a shorter version of each routine so you can decide on how much time you want to spend ($450 value)
πŸ‘‰ 10 weeks of access to the program online, plus a printable version  ($150 value)
πŸ‘‰ Two way messages with coach Jill
πŸ‘‰ Accountability and motivation
πŸ‘‰7 day meal plan to reduce inflammation ($59 value)
Who am I?
I'm Jill, the creator of this program.  At 35 years old, I was in a bad car accident and was nearly paralyzed down the right side of my body.  This was when I learned I had degenerative disc disease from spinal stenosis and needed 2 major spine surgeries.   I was completely depressed thinking I was going to have to give up the fitness career I loved.
After the first surgery, which took nearly a year to completely recover from, I decided to dedicate myself to learning as much as possible about pain, back fitness and spinal health.  I went through numerous courses and certifications, read books and conferred with experts in the field.  Over the next 17 years I developed a series of exercises and stretches that became this foundation of this program.  I have used it on myself and my clients for years to much success and now it's available for you to reap the same benefits of feeling younger, moving better and regaining your vitality.

I highly recommend Jill Brown's back pain training program for both people suffering from chronic pain, as well as those who are looking for an effective routine to prevent developing pain. 

As a spine surgeon I manage patients with severe spinal disease. Even in this population, surgery can often be avoided with physical therapy and a home exercise routine like Ms Brown's. Thumbs up!


When I met my client Anita, she was a busy executive who suffered from chronic back pain and sciatica.  She had a lordotic curve in her spine which made her prone to bulging discs.  Her starting fitness level was beginner.  I worked with her to build a solid foundation.  This included learning proper form, exercises to stabilize and mobilize her spine, developing strength in key areas of the lower body that help support the spine and stretches for sciatic pain.  The more she did the program, the better her back felt.  Now she is an advanced exerciser playing 18 holes of golf several days a week and doing intermediate to advanced level interval workouts.

This program is specifically created for people with back pain. The instructions & videos clearly explain the different excercises & the suggestions of when & where to do them. My stiffness has decreased significantly & my core got much stronger – THANKS SO MUCH JILL for taking the time to put together this very helpful training plan for this common problem so many suffer with.

-Edi D.

Jill uses the latest discoveries and proven techniques… she coached me on how to eat right for my goals, created a program that worked on my physical issues and injuries by using exercise techniques and therapeutic methods to help me heal from, and overcome my lower back injuries. 

-Anita J.

Are you ready to get back to the activities you love?  To move with more ease and less pain?  To have more energy and stamina?  Then don't wait.  Start the program now!

Questions to see if this is the right program for you?  Book a consultation call with Jill today!